Within a spectrum of moments that begins with the spark of thought, each piece wrought from
the minds and hands of CHAVANA bridges the endless stretch between creator and wearer. The
piece waits for its rightful place, incognisant of the wait; an object ready to shorten time, seal
emotion, and bind passion to patron. The marriage of time intersects the lives of those who
seek to add beauty to our world and those who choose to present it.

Without time

Beauty has the ability to capture its surroundings, arresting all in its path in a freeze frame of
emotion. Chances to defy the clock are rare, and imprint a lasting memory. It is in these
heart-skip moments that CHAVANA’s objects of art and desire reside, turning the fleeting into
the unforgettable and cementing the future of each piece with its rightful, appreciative wearer.
Life-long dedication

Put your trust not only in yourself, but in the company you keep. A true companion is present
when most needed and least expected, sharing joy and sparking rapture to frame the feelings
contained in a life. For now, forever, each entry into a diary is accompanied by an emotion
added by the heart and the hand—a flourish best expressed as, and by, a jewel in every
Lasting legacy

Cherish a moment and it will last a lifetime; cherish an object and it will last forever. From one
generation to the next, emblems of time passed carry forward in moments immemorial.
Timeless beauty is distinguished not by its carrier or companion, but its character. A single
piece of wearable art will entrust its purpose into each hand it touches, long after its first appearance.